‘untitled’ (old stuff)

We’re not going back to the way things were, because they never Were.

I have consumed Its tail… The Future come Present again.

Re-directing. Re-routing. Re-wiring

Your check is in the mail.

American Express EZ Pay Lay Away

I mean to say

The War of Image vs. Substance must be 1

Or, fought Perpetually

Language is dead, It is said

A mirror reflecting Itself



In hyper-dimensional spirals

The string of All Being ties All things


*originally printed 8 October 2012



  1. Wow, this is gorgeous. I love the one prominent thought that you keep adding on too, it creates a great flow. Would you mind checking out some of my poems? I need an expert eye.


  2. Thank you. This is stuff I wrote before taking my poetry writing course, so it’s almost cringe worthy for myself, but I like to see my writings develop from then to now. “Great flow” doesn’t say much about a poem, for reasons you’ll discover as you continue writing and reading poetry, but there isn’t much to say about this piece. There is much less worse stuff to come, so I’d encourage you to check out some of my other writings when you get time.


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