Plunge into the abyss

Created December 2012 as a final project for a class in Multi-genre/Recycled Writing. A collage of cultural re-appropriation and intuited act of cognitive disruption.

Composition: most texts collected from recycle bins at WWU campus library, most images (public domain) captured from internet, some images and artistic renderings compiled by the composer (I).

Inspired by Dadaism, magical theory, and manic-depression, this dissociative schizophrenic scrapbook piece is best left un-read. But if read, it might be useful to examine as an allegorical world history as told through a Postmodern mirror of conscientious solipsism. What an impressive chain of big words.

Plunge page 1
Plunge page 2
Plunge page 3
Plunge page 4
Plunge page 5
Plunge page 6
Plunge page 7
Plunge page 8
Plunge page 9
Plunge page 10
Plunge page 11
Plunge page 12
Plunge page 13


One comment

  1. Thank you for your comments, and I like your blog. Very thorough research and engaging truth telling. I’ll be sharing your stories with other “leaders of the disturbance.” 😉

    Sorry for the delay. I don’t know how this slipped my attention.


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