a few simple questions

If you were God,
condemned eternally to omnipotence,
supremely alone in unparalleled power and glory,
unable to create anything perfect as oneself,
omniscient and painfully aware
that everything you create must die,
and the closer your creation comes to reflecting
your perfect knowledge and wisdom,
the more it must suffer the process,
would you too not go insane?
would you not hurt from your creations’ resentment?
would you too not want to simply



  1. Yup. Being God is boring. Frozen in inaction because outcomes are all known. The only solution is to split oneself into half-knowing beings, re-experiencing the wonder of existence, searching, finding, discovering. We are the pieces of God, rebuilding the Whole, only to start all over again when complete. We are all doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.


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