Who I am

I spat in the eye of pity
through the eye of the Milky Way
spreading my seed of contempt
on the faces of those who believe.
Those who believe in universal law
of good and evil
Those who believe in the (wo)manifestation
of peace through good intentions.
Oh, sure, they mean well
but this is MY mind that holds itself together
this is MY body that mends the wounds
and breaks the rules
when they only apply to me and my kind.

I was the Sun
I was the Moon
I am the door
I am the room

The look of pain in their eyes
tinged with shame and disgust
for the animate remains of a warrior
turned inward against instinct and pride.
I laugh. They look away.
Is it tragedy or comedy
that brings us closer? I wonder
before averting my gaze
to the page of a story
with no clear beginning,
no protagonist, no author.

I was the Sun
I was the Moon
I am the whore
I am the groom

Take names and take no shit
from anyone but your ‘superiors’
Beings who bring a good name
to a good community
with bike lanes and allies
united in a struggle
against unfashionable opinions
and the racket of coal trains.
They are knitting a future
for the quiet achievers
and academic believers
with well-rounded diets
and manicured amygdalas.

I like the beer
and the rainy days too
‘cause I am the Trickster
I am the Fool.


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